so i recently started playing tomodachi life….. and…..

i may or may not have accidentally (totally not on purpose) married tomodachi hook

pics under the cut

here we are during our first time together as friends. ahhh, august 10th. who knew then that this was the beginning of a whirlwind romance?

after being set up by the tomodachi version of my roommate kaylyn, tomodachi hook took me back to his apartment. the lighting there is very warm. seductive, even. i was sure that he used that big-ass stereo on all the ladies, but i liked it anyways.

*cue dating montage*

a mere four days after our first meeting, and tomodachi hook was practically living at my apartment. he even invited his good friend tomodachi tink to come play on the wiiu with us (although i’m sure i dominated).

briefly, hook wore an eyepatch for seemingly no reason. over the next few days, while the eyepatch gave him a confidence boost, tomidachi hook found it very important for the Real Me (TM) to listen to him compliment the Tomidachi Me (TM).

……over and over again.

some compliments were more spot on than others.

he also liked to subvert his own fic tropes every once in a while.

at the end of all this romantic gooey crap, Real Me (TM) totally got the hint. tomidachi hook was head-over-heels in love with tomidachi me.


but although i was sure that hook would be the one to propose, it was in fact tomodachi me that popped the question. we spent a lovely day in the park, and just before the fireworks went off, i got down on one knee and asked if tomodachi hook would be my husband. he said yes just as a heart-shaped explosion set off in the background, because nothing says romance like pyrotechnics.

our cake officiated the wedding. it was very legal and official.

you can’t see their faces, but the redheaded woman towards the center is actually regina (she has red hair because she asked to change her hair color and i simply couldn’t deny her the chance). the blonde woman to her right is emma. i’m glad they could put aside their differences for this important day.

for some reason, all of the honeymoon pictures are like this.

i really don’t know what nintendo is trying to make me think happens on honeymoons

but this definitely is not it.

EPILOGUE: our relationship is still going strong. hook still really enjoys giving me random compliments. we’re one of three married couples in my game, but we are the only married couple without a baby. i’ll update more as our torrid love affair continues.

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